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ARDEX SN+ Anti-mould Hygiene Silicone Sealant

HKD$ 69 HKD$ 59

  • Silicone sealant with hygiene finish for bathroom use
  • Anti-fungicide to suppress the mould and bacteria growth
  • Low odour and neutral cure
  • Due to the high elasticity, it can accommodate movement up to 25% of the original joint width.
  • Good adhesive properties for Sealing joints between masonry, concrete, tile coverings, plaster, metal, glass, wood, aluminium and plastic windows
  • 7-10mins skin-forming time
  • Minimizes discolouration. Multiple colour selection
  • Comply with European Quality and Quantity Standards.
  • Made in Korea.


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Technical Data

Application Area:

Connecting joints

  • in bathrooms, showers and WC
  • in sink, washing stand
  • in living areas such as tiled floors and connections to doors, windows and build in elements


Application :   

Apply at temperatures between 5°C to 40°C. Trim end of nozzle to obtain the correct bead width and place cartridge in applicator gun.

Apply sealant in a steady continuous bead ensuring good contact with both sides of the joint to achieve the required adhesion. Tool off with a silicone applicator to finish the joint smoothly before a skin forms, approximately 10 minutes.

While the silicone is still wet,clean off any excess. If joint edges have been masked, remove tape whist the sealant is still wet. It is possible to work in sections as ARDEX SN+ adheres excellently to already cured ARDEX SN+ silicone if it is dry and free from dust.


Cleaning and removal:

If the silicone has dried on the surface, clean with white spirit solvent to soften the silicone then scrape off with a blade.


Capacity: 300ml


Colour choices: Transparent / White / Vanilla* / Ivory* / Light Grey* / Cement* / Volcano* / Black*

*Besides Transparent and White, lead-time of around 7 days is expected for other colours.

Technical Data Sheet
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