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ARDEX WPS 18 Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry (18kg)

HKD$ 458

  • Flexible, high solid, can cover crazing
  • Good water resistance and durability
  • High Bonding strength, no debonding, peeling or falling off
  • High tensile strength-can install heavy brick and stones on waterproofing layer
  • No precipitation and easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and hazard free



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Quantity Calculator is provided as a guide only. These calculations are based on official coverage data, with one coat of primer and two coats of body coat, plus 20% of wastage buffer.

Technical Data

ARDEX WPS 18 is a high strength polymer modified cement based flexible waterproofing slurry. It can be used on most substrate such as concrete and cement screed and has excellent boding strength. Suitable for surfaces with slight deformation and cracks, it is waterproof and permeable, anti-precipitation and easy to apply. This product is especially suitable for large area waterproofing coating of rigid walls and floors.

Powder appearance: Green, slurry when mixed

Wet-mixed Mortar Density:

approx. 1.97kg/L

Mixed Volume Solids: approx. 82%

In 23°C and 50% RH

Recoat: 4 hours

Closed water test: 72 hours

Tile after: 48 hours

User Review
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