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ARDEX WPM 300 Water Based Epoxy Membrane (4kg)

HKD$ 688

  • Water resistant, prevents rising damp, efflorescence and with stands hydrostatic pressure
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates including damp surfaces and freshly laid green concrete
  • Safe to use in sensitive locations


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Quantity Calculator is provided as a guide only. These calculations are based on official coverage data, with one coat of primer and two coats of body coat, plus 20% of wastage buffer.

Technical Data

ARDEX WPM 300 (HydrEpoxy 300) Water Based Epoxy Membrane is a two component water based epoxy polyamide membrane/barrier coating.

Approved for use with potable (drinking) water, independent testing confirms conformity with the requirements of AS4020.2000 & BS6920.


Color: grey
Finish: semi-gloss going to matt with ageing
Volume solids: ~44%
Wet film thickness: 300 micrometers per coat
Dry film thickness: 300 micrometers two coats
Recoat time: 4 hours @ 23°C& 50% R.H.
Full cure: 7 days @ 23°C& 50% R.H.
Pot life: 2 hours @ 23°C
1 hour @ 35°C

Technical Data Sheet
User Review
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