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ARDEX SHELTERCOAT High Build Acrylic Waterproof Membrane

HKD$ 2388.00 - HKD$ 2388.00

Type B I – Liquid Applied Waterproof Roof Covering requiring protect / Type B II – Liquid Applied Waterproof Roof Covering with self-finishes
Specially designed for exposed situations
Flexible – accommodates normal building Movement
UV resistant – providing long term protection
Decorative – choice of colours available
Water Based – safe to use, low in odour




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Quantity Calculator is provided as a guide only. These calculations are based on official coverage data, with one coat of primer and two coats of body coat, plus 20% of wastage buffer.

Technical Data

Sheltercoat is a tough, UV stable, mildew resistant and flexible premixed liquid applied waterproofing membrane. It has been specifically formulated for exposed situations, and is available in a range of colours. In areas exposed to periodic foot traffic a layer of polyester mat should be incorporated into the system between coats.

Characteristics of liquid
Form & colour: Medium viscosity liquid in standard colours white, grey, green or black
Specific gravity: Approx. 1.206g/cm²

Characteristics of cured membrane
Water absorption: ASA121 App K 6.5%
Tensile strength: AS1145 4.0 MPa 5.5 MPa (28 days dry after UV exposure)
Elongation at break: AS114S 300% 325% (28 days dry after UV exposure)

Application Details
Application method: short nap (5mm pile) roller, brush, or airless spray
Overcoat time 4 hrs @ 23ºC 50% RH (without mat):
Dry through (2nd coat): 24hrs @ 23'C 50% RH
Application temperature: 5ºC - 30ºC (surface temp)
Service temperature: 0-60ºC
Coverage: Approx 15m² per 20 litre unit at 1 mm OFT

Technical Data Sheet
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