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ARDEX WP Tape is designed for: inside corner of bathroom and swimming pool; joints of drainage pipes and concrete; joints of window/door and wall; joints of metal decks, skylights; movement joints.



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Quantity Calculator

Input Area

Rooftop Area / Bathroom Area

The calculated quantity based on your input will be reflected in the quantity above

Quantity Calculator is provided as a guide only. These calculations are based on official coverage data, with one coat of primer and two coats of body coat, plus 20% of wastage buffer.

Technical Data

High bonding strength, easy to install
High elongation
Excellent weather resistance
Solvent free

The data below are measured in lab condition at 23℃.
Bonding strength: approx. 0.1MPa(250mm/min)
Permeability: approx 0.65g/m2(0.3MPa,24h)
Low temperature flexibility: no crack at-40℃
Working temperature :-40 to 90℃
Artificial weathering: No discoloration, hardening, crack after 2000h
UV exposure
Peel off(600mm/min)
Glass 24.3/32.5
Cement board 29.6/36.7
Aluminum 28.6/33.1
Copper 25.9/33.6
Stainless steel 27.4/34.2
PVC 28.5/35.5

User Review
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